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Keith Baumann has been writing professionally since 2005 and has had more 100 pieces published in international print publications. He has authored several feature articles and is a well-respected reviewer of instruments, amplifiers, microphones, recording gear and software.

Below are a few select samples of his work. Click on any image to load the pdf file.

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Ibanez Metheney PM200 Guitar/Sadowski SS-15 Semi-Hollow Guitar
Wyatt Wilkie Northen Flyer Mandolin
/Shure & AKG Mics
/Universal Audio Apollo
/Apitius J-Model Jazz Mandolin
Chadwick Folding Bass
Eastman El Ray Jazz Guiitar
Vintage 47 VA-185 Amplifier
Finale 2014
Nik Huber Archtop
Fishman TriplePlay
Heritage H535 Semi-Hollow Guitar
Universal Audio OX Amp
Campelleone Deluxe Archtop
Shure GLX-D Wireless Reciever
Ibanez George Bensen Model
Vigier Guitar and CooperStand
Eastman Custom Edition Archtop Guitar
Heritage Groove Master Archtop