Strumming the tenor banjo with The Mad Monks of Melody in the summer of 2005
The Special Consensus 30th anniversary grand finale
Portrait drawn by a gentleman at one of our senior citizen Dixieland performances by
Recording the National Tricone on Mark Dvorak's "Every Step Of The Way" CD project, July 2005
Sitting in on "Georgia On My MInd" with jazz violin legend Johnny Frigo, John Rice and the Special Consensus at Fitzgerald's 6/24/05.
Keith at 2 years of age in New York City
Laying down the mandolin tracks for Mark's CD
Heartland at the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite California.
( L to R) John Blasquez, Robert Bowden, Amy Stenberg, JIm Nunally, Keith.
Plugging in and performing on banjo and dobro at a festival with the Old Plank All-Stars 2005
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