With Monroe mandolin gurus Mike Compton and David Long
The Susan Smentek Band 1995
(L to R) Marc Edelstein, Don Stiernberg, Susan Smentek, Keith
Laketown Buskers 1992. Artwork by cartoonist Jay Lynch
Reet, Petite and Gone swing trio 1986
(L to R) Piper Heisig, Chuck Aronson, Keith
Heartland 1985 doing a gig aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. John Blasquez, Keith, Allison Brown, Amy Stenberg and Jim Nunally
Performing a kids show with Ralph's World (Ralph Covert)
The Hard Times Bluegrass Band with Chris Walz, Keith, Don Stiernberg and Greg Cahill performing at the United Center
The 3 Penny Opry performing on San Francisco's famed Pier 39 in 1983. Sonia Shell, Piper Heisig and Keith
With The Dixie Tornadoes at the United Center
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